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Review of Riviera Dreaming by Maureen Emerson

Maureen Emerson has written a truly fascinating book about life on the French Riviera and two of the men who shaped its style in the early 20th century.

About Maureen Emerson

Maureen lived in Provence for 20 years, working as a local co-ordinator for CBS and NBC at media festivals in Cannes. Over the year, she became enthralled with the stories of expatriates who lived on the Riviera in the 1920s and 1930s and how the Second World War affected their lives. The result is “Riviera Dreaming”.

About Riviera Dreaming

It’s a riveting read that follows the careers of two colourful characters – Barry Dierks and Eric Sawyer who became the go to architect and garden designer of the French Riviera for the rich, famous and fabulous. The book is peppered with enthralling stories of parties and the glamorous life for which the French Riviera became famed. One story tells how the clever duo designed a wide slide from a villa into the Mediterranean Sea for a rather portly grand dame. It’s wittily written and jam-packed with details of life, love and lavishness in the sun.

It also covers the period during WWII when life changed for the residents who remained – including Barry and Eric.

It’s a superb read, un-put-downable. I read bits out to my partner, some of the tales are remarkable, a huge amount of research has been put into the book.

This is one I’ll definitely be reading again because it’s so jam packed with anecdotes and fascinating facts, it totally warrants a second read.

Read an extract from Maureen Emerson’s Riviera Dreaming.

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