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Reviving retreats in France

People doing yoga around a pool surrounded by fields of lavender

The Happy Hamlet hosts themed retreats in France at a centuries old farm-hamlet in the sunny Tarn-et-Garonne countryside in southwest France. It’s been transformed into a  super special hideaway. And, it’s become the place to go for those seeking a relaxing and meaningful holiday.

But they don’t just run retreats here, they also offer dream holidays with a guest house rental…

The Happy Hamlet – a relaxing holiday home

Snoozing in a hammock and swimming in a natural pool at Happy Hamlet retreat, France

Left speechless by the heart-warming feeling and beauty. Enjoyed the stay with every one of my senses. Felt like I’d been there before and definitely going to return…” Guest comment.

Everything about The Guest House at The Hamlet is authentic, welcoming and comfortable. Guests find the vast centuries old property which offers privacy, relaxing décor and the presence of nature and animals, very inspiring. As Suska says “This isn’t a ‘typical’ holiday home. A luxury anything. A trendy anything. A standard anything. Anything that isn’t good for you”. All the food is either from the garden or local. The accommodation is all about comfort and soothing the senses.

The several centuries old, beautifully restored and renovated, five-bedroom house can accommodate 15 guests. There’s a natural pool, cosy sauna in a barrel and terraces to enjoy outdoor dining in the sunny garden which is surrounded by 30 acres of wild nature and greenery. It’s a nature lover’s paradise. There’s even a huge barn with an open kitchen and the most incredible views over the countryside. Go self catered or all inclusive. Find out more at www.thehappyhamlet

It’s also a fabulous place for a wedding. An enchanting setting, indoor and outdoor facilities, accommodation and bespoke services.

There’s a positive energy at this place and you’ll leave a little of your soul behind…

Re-energising themed retreats in southwest France

Autumnal scene in the Tarn et Garonne region of France - greens and oranges

Heaven on earth; great people, warm hearts, caring and genuine hospitality. Charming room decoration and a cosy feeling – this is what Happy Hamlet is made of! Come for a retreat, for meditation, for getting in touch with nature and enjoying wonderful French cuisine – all with grace and style!” Guest comment.

Retreat themes at the Happy Hamlet vary as the charming environment offers a safe haven for various types of activities. It’s a great way to connect people with the same interests from all around the world.

Retreats including food for the soul, body and mind. You may indulge in yoga or learn about wine or photography. Perhaps you want to take a French language course or focus on self-expression, or maybe a discovering of French cuisine is what you crave. From painting to music, cooking or well being, all the retreats are led by professional instructors. It’s easy to come by yourself because you immediately feel like you’re visiting a friend, and a lot of care is taken to make you feel at home.

Joie de Vivre retreats in France

Scenes from the Happy Hamlet retreat in France

It is the combination of the French “joie de vivre” or joy of life, locally sourced fresh food and wines, hectares of surrounding nature and the intimate ambiance that attracts so many and makes guests want to return. They often say it is the only holiday they have taken where they are free from decision-making, budget counting or stressing about schedules.

People dancing in a studio, relaxing in a sauna, enjoying dinner in a garden at a retreat in France

The stay includes a lot more than just themed activities. You’ll also get to discover the culture of this unspoiled region. You’ll visit historic towns and medieval villages, gorgeous street markets and vineyards. The atmosphere is relaxed allowing you to disconnect from daily routines and stresses. You’re free to choose to relax in a hammock in the tranquil garden, relax in the sauna or take a dip in the natural swimming pool, read a book or take a nap or to explore the region.

Once you arrive you never ever want to leave! The most beautiful place, the most warm hearted and kind hostess, the most caring service, the most delicious food… I still miss those tomatoes from the farm! French farmhouse living at its best. Bisous to Suska, I will be back!” Guest comment

Find out more and book your reviving retreat at The Happy Hamlet: thehappyhamlet.com

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