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Great Service Satellite Broadband in France

So what is Satellite Broadband, how does it work and how can you get satellite broadband in France?

Satellite broadband explained

In simplistic terms, just like earth based broadband there are carriers. These folks have launched the Satellites and then transmit the bandwidth to the “birds” in space. From space the Satellites transmit beams to fixed locations on earth. The Satellite broadband supplier will provide a customer with a Satellite Dish. Once installed and pointed to the beam you get the bandwidth and can use a router like any other for fixed and WiFi use. So the technology is different but the net result for the customer is the same – up to 30Mb download speed broadband.

As long as you have line of sight to the sky – you can get broadband anywhere in the UK.

Why use satellite broadband in France?

Satellite broadband is particularly good for any domestic or business customer who wants broadband but can’t find any service or a decent service from a telecoms operator. In rural locations for instance, broadband may be available over a copper based telephone line but the performance is less than 2Mb download speed due to the distance from the exchange. This customer would be an ideal user of Satellite broadband.

However it’s not just people that use broadband these days. IOT and smart devices , connected homes, M2M, CCTV etc are all good example use cases. Some use mobile networks and some use broadband and some use both. If you have a site in a rural location such as a wind farm for example – you might find that both broadband over a copper line and mobile coverage does not exist. This therefore is another good example use case for Satellite broadband to solve a business issue.

Is Satellite broadband expensive?

Satellite broadband technology is now quite mature so you may be surprised by the level of performance and low cost. If you want to extend your network into areas where there’s no service or the connectivity needs improving or the speed is so slow you tear your hair out in frustration – then satellite might be the thing for you.

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