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Satellite Internet in France – Your questions answered

Satellite Internet in France

The questions you want to know the answers to about Satellite Broadband services in France. It is a relatively new communication tool and for some, shrouded in mystery. It doesn’t have to be that way though and here we aim to answer all those tricky questions with clarity:

Satellite Internet in France

I have spoken to a neighbour who has satellite installed – he says that when he switches on there is a slight delay while it all powers up – after that it is so fast he’s astonished at the difference. Is that delay normal?
The delay is due to the latency of the service (the time it takes the signal to get up and down from a satellite 22,000 miles high). Check with any satellite broadband service you are considering what software techniques they have in place to minimise this lag, including an Internet Protocol Accelerator (IPA).

Can a competent DIYer install the dish and get it all going? 
You can self install if you’re good with DIY. We have full instructions to assist you.

You can also check video tutorials on Youtube (search for KA SAT) if you want to make sure you can install it yourself.

How do people find someone to do it for them if they don’t feel competent?
How much it costs varies from area to area and may depend on where your nearest installer is located from your property. If you are interested in a professional installation, ask your supplier or contact an installer directly in France (http://installateurs.internetparsatellite.net/)

Who carries out repairs, and how does that work?
If you have any problem with your satellite broadband, you should be able to contact your providor for assistance – it is worth checking in advance what services they offer.

How do you assess how much download you need per month?
The data allowance needed will depend on your usage. If you use Internet for browsing and checking your emails, your allowance doesn’t need to be too high. However, if you use Internet for skype, downloading, and watching television online you will need a bigger package as these type of usage are data heavy.

Please find below the data required for common usage so that it can help you to make your choice:

Download                             GB required
Low definition movie:         0.75GB
40 hours web surfing:         1.0GB
8 hours of internet radio:  1.0GB
HD quality movie:                4.5GB

It may be best to under estimate your likely usage as upgrades are free but downgrades are chargeable!

What is the difference to the client of buying/renting a dish?
Purchasing the equipment may be best if you have a second home as the service can be suspended while you are not at the property – the suspension is cost effective if the service is suspended for at least 3 consecutive months but note there may be a one-off charge applied every time you wish to have the service back on. The contract length if you decide to purchase the equipment is 1 month.

If you live permanently in the property, it is usually best to go ahead with one of the rental options.

Usually, the monthly service price is a bit higher compared to the one if you purchase the equipment and the contract length is 24 months. With the satellite rental, there is normally a set up fee, while with the satellite rental there is normally no set up fee but the monthly price may be higher.

What is meant by unlimited download off peak hours 23.00 – 07.00 (UK time) and does that mean that it’s not included in the monthly usage and download?

Many providors include this option in there sales brochures. It simply means that if you use your Internet during this period, it won’t be taken from your monthly allowance.

Is the only difference in renting satellite, light rental – the monthly price difference – not in the service or download speed?
Typically the only difference with the satellite rental is the contract length (24 months) but the service provided remains exactly the same.

Providors of satellite broadband vary in service, price and availability – it’s worth shopping around and checking the facts in advance to make sure you get what suits you best.

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