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Say I Love you in Paris

i love you in paris

How would you like to be collected from your swanky hotel in Paris by a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce, whisked away to a gorgeous wooden chalet on an island in Paris where Napoleon III wooed his Empress or have a thousand red roses fall on the deck of private boat as you glide serenely down the Seine past the twinkling Eiffel Tower? If you want to say I Love You in Paris with panache but don’t know where to start, help is at hand says Janine Marsh as she talks to a man who really knows how to spread the love…

Well, if your man needs an idea of what to do for the most romantic night of your life that you will never forget there is a company in Paris who can help make your dream come true and give your man a hand to arrange it!

Nicolas Garreau is an expert in romance – he has studied it with the help of professionals in the field of psychiatry and lived in Venice for four years and says there he discovered many secrets of romance – watching lovers kissing in a gondola under the Bridge of Sighs peaked his imagination and made him want to “amaze the ladies I was in love with”.

When he returned to Paris, Nicolas set up ApoteoSurprise because he says he “noticed how helpless men can be when they are planning to pop the question in the City of Love”. He says he was “shocked” to read the results of a survey which revealed that almost 80% of women are disappointed by their partner’s marriage proposal.

Earlier this year news of his company went viral when he launched a service to “Say I love you in Space” – a love message is filmed going up to the stratosphere attached to a giant helium filled balloon, launched by space exploration professionals. 30km/19 miles above the earth the balloon blows up, a parachute opens and the film with its fabulous footage of earth and the I Love you message falls back to earth, where it is collected from a secret location.

I asked Nicolas to tell me more:

i love you in paris

Do you only help men to surprise their loved ones or women also?

90% of my clients are men, but more and more women use my services to surprise or propose to their boyfriend. Things are changing, and ladies like to offer an amazing experience to their loved one.

Are you a very romantic person yourself?

Sure, I have always been romantic. When I was a child, I wrote giant message of love at the bottom of houses of the girls I was in love with. At high school, I began to offer bouquets of roses to the girls, and after my four years in Venice, I definitely searched for ways to amaze ladies like in a film. But creating such a company required years of work… to make possible the dreams women were waiting for.

What inspired you to set up ApoteoSurprise?

My own experience was that nothing in the world existed to help men to offer a real fairy-tale to their loved one, nothing existed to help men to propose like in a film. And I was really amazed that three million couples were going to Paris for a romantic getaway, and that no company existed to help them to propose. So, I decided to use my experience and my expertise to help men to dazzle their girlfriend in the City of Love.

Are you able to tell us any names of famous personalities who have taken part in one of your romantic scenarios?

No, because the events I work on are private moments. Saying “I love you” and proposing is really something private and intimate. But I can tell you that some of my clients are chiefs of states, Russian billionaires, American actors, or famous singers or soccer players.

i love you in paris

What is your most popular scenario?

I have so far thirty scenarios and the most popular one is the “Say I love you in a limousine”. During a limo tour in Paris with champagne, the limousine suddenly stops at Eiffel Tower, just when the Eiffel Tower sparkles. Tout de suite, the message of love appears on an ultra-bright giant screen! Women cry every time! Another popular scenario is “Say I love you in Cinderella’s carriage”…the real Cinderella’s carriage suddenly appears on Place Vendôme, with a magical glass slipper!

Do you speak English for clients who do not speak French?

Sure, I speak English. Clients from all over the world send me e-mails in English, and I have no problem with that!

Website: ApoteoSurprise

English language website: Propose in Paris

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