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Silent Disco at the Gare du Nord, Paris!

silent-disco-gare-du-nordThe night life and clubs of Paris are well-known and plentiful but in July 2015 a new club will open – for one night only, and it’s a club with a BIG difference… a silent disco in the cavernous area of the city’s Gare du Nord train station.

From 11.30 at night until 5.30 in the morning, when the station has been cleared of travellers, the vast space will echo to the sound of – silence!

As DJs spin the records and get the crowds dancing, all you will here is the sound of feet shuffling and tapping and people laughing and talking, singing along, whooping even, but no music.  Silent Events (www.silentevents.com) who are organise these silent disco events provide wireless headsets through which disco-goers can choose to hear from 3 DJs. Each DJ plays different music, the dancer can choose his or her style and get on down… silently.

So if you’re walking past the Gare du Nord on 11 July, late at night, and you peep through the doors and see hundreds of people dancing around silently… you’ll know why!

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