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Stockloc storage in France


When Britons Tina and Phil Sharpe fell in love with the Gers area of France they knew that one day they would want to move there. For now though they had to carry on working in the UK. They bought a holiday home there and spent as much as time as they could enjoying the French way of life.

When Phil, a sharp businessman, saw a warehouse for sale, he knew it was too good an opportunity to turn down so although he and Tina both had busy jobs in the UK, they took the plunge in France and bought the warehouse and opened a storage business.

Located in Castelnau Magnoac, this isn’t any old storage facility. Tina and Phil knew that a store like this would have great possibilities for local business and further afield. Consisting of adaptable storage solutions from secure containers from 7m² to individual storage rooms of 10m² to 200m² – it is huge.


Stockloc self-storage and warehousing in France has proved popular with all sorts of customers, individuals and businesses alike.

stockloc vintageThose moving to France who want to travel have found that it’s a really cheap and secure way to store their possessions while they take their time to look around or go travelling. Take Tony and Susan Davis from Lancashire. When a buyer turned up for their house, they hadn’t found anything in France where they were aiming to retire. They decided not to lose the buyer, sold their house and travelled to France to look for their dream property. They had all their things taken to France and stored at Stockloc thinking they would find a house within weeks so they booked storage for three months. They thought they knew what area they wanted but then discovered that there were other areas to look and decided to take a year travelling and house sitting round France. Knowing that everything they own is locked away and carefully looked means they didn’t stress about leaving it all behind. They knew that they can return and collect whenever it’s convenient.

The fact that Castelnau Magnoac is so close to the Spanish border has made this a popular option for those travelling in both France and Spain and needing safe storage.

Some of the rooms at the storage facility have been rented out as shop space, one of which Stockloc sell packaging goods from. There’s even a library on site! Office space, squash courts, the possibilities are endless. Tina herself runs a vintage shop at Stockloc and has plans to do more on the site.

Tina says “Stockloc is safe, secure, immaculately clean and we offer a friendly service. It’s what we would want if we needed storage space here” and it might be just what you’re looking for if you need somewhere to keep your much loved goods in France.


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