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Summer is still on in France newsletter!


Bonjour from hot, sunny France

It certainly doesn’t feel like summer is ending here, we have a canicule, a heat wave, as I write this and its spread across the whole country. Just as everyone is starting to think of La Rentrée, the return to work, school, normality after the long, lazy days of summer – phew, the heat’s back on!

As I look out the window there are hordes of butterflies flitting around the passion flowers that this year are so prolific hanging down the walls of the house. Two of my cats are laying on the window sills of the old pigsty opposite that we still haven’t got round to renovating. The cats are stretched out and watching a tiny wren hopping about in the rose bushes. The bird is safe, the cats are too hot to move!

My dogs Bruno the Labrador and Ella Fitzgerald the German Shepherd/Spaniel mix are in the shade and Bruno has just had a dip in their water bowl. Meanwhile down in the bird pen my ducks, chickens and geese await me. It’s early but they know I’m up, they can see the kitchen from their bottom of the garden view point. This year has been a bumper year for ducklings and now when I go into the pen it is like going onto the set of The Walking Dead. All these birds just keep walking forward, jumping into the food bucket, pecking at my legs – it makes me start every day laughing though goodness knows what my neighbours think of me out there chuckling and telling the birds about my life.

This week I’ve been sharing with  them that The Good Life France Autumn magazine is nearly ready to be published – that got a great response of quacks, whistles, cheeps, honks and other bird noises! It’ll be out next week…

Where ever you are, whatever the weather, I wish you a very bon weekend
Bisous from France

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