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Surprise Newsletter from France!



Well, I know that I said it would be a fortnightly newsletter for a few weeks while I went travelling but I’ve not gone yet and I had so many great features to share with you… so, here’s this week’s newsletter! I hope it’s a happy surprise!

You might know that I have a few animals. I have three dogs, six cats, four geese, 20 chickens and I did have 20 ducks but this week I have 24 as Doris, daughter of Belle had four ducklings hatch! Rather worryingly Delilah, Desdemonia, Dorothy, Diana and Dee are also sitting on eggs. I have no idea what I’m going to do if they all hatch. I’m still very much a townie when it comes to my poultry, I can’t bear to eat them and it looks like I am going to be overrun by ducks. I may have to call my house Duckingham Palace.

Not only that, despite promising my vet and my family that I won’t take in any more stray cats, I’m struggling. Every day at the window of my office I’m visited by local strays I’ve named Wonky Ear, a ginger cat and Little Socks a black cat with white feet.  I wonder if my own once stray cats have spread the word that I’m a soft touch?!

Next week I’m in Fontainebleau where the famous Chateau is and yes I will be visiting it! I’ll be going to my favourite Bastille Day Antiques Fair and I’ll be in Paris and making a trip to the Canal St Martin before going on to Champagne to discover Langres! I know – I’m getting about aren’t I? If you want to know my secret – it’s the trains! I go everywhere by train, I book my ticket online, I get an eticket that can be printed out or an email that gets scanned on the train… easy!

With  best wishes to you all and I hope you have a very bon weekend…
Bisous from France and Happy 14th July for next week – it’s Bastille Day and a national holiday in  France!

Those great features I mentioned above, here they are!

Brilliant Bastille Day flea market and antiques fair at Montreuil-sur-Mer

Daily guide to the markets of Provence: to go to a street market in France is truly enjoy a cultural experience and there’s nowhere better than Provence for colour and atmosphere…

Roussilon, one of the most beautiful villages in France – we take a look at what’s there and loved it so much it got its own photo gallery!

The oldest public clock in Paris It’s absolutely gorgeous, and it’s still working after several hundred years…

Accidental Tourist at the Avignon Festival Margo Lestz stumbles upon the biggest theatrical event in the world!

Champagne is recognised by UNESCO – we’ll drink to that!

Photo of the week: Secret Paris This wonderful photo was taken in the Sorbonne District and it really is quite amazingly beautiful…

The incredible Chateau du Lude Still inhabited, the radio sits next to a cabinet containing a lock of Marie Antoinette’s hair – a peek into a real life chateau museum/home…

A room with a view – in La Fleche Zoo! This lovely French zoo is hitting the news with its new lodge in the polar bear enclosure – where the bears watch you, watching them!

Baugé a pretty little town with a lot of allure and the most amazing pharmacy we’ve ever seen!

The best apricot jam recipe ever Karen Burns-Booth spoils us with this fabulous confiture…

See, I told you I couldn’t resist sending you a newsletter because I had so much to share – hope you enjoy these features and if you do please share them, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it… And the photo at the top? It’s a Pina Colada Cake – yesterday (10th July) was National Pina Colada Day!

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