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European Adventures: Aix Marks the Spot | Review

What would happen if you took the Famous Five and teleported
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Review: Nice Uncovered

See Nice as it’s never been seen before in seven self-guided
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Review of Daisy and the Mona Lisa

Miss Daisy Tannenbaum, almost 13, precocious as ever, and homeschooling in
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 A Year at the French Farmhouse by Gillian Harvey

After ten years of loyal service Lily Butterworth has been made
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Review | Her Own Legacy by Debra Borchert

Debra Borchert’s book Her Own Legacy (Château de Verzat) tells the
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Review | The Spice Master at Bistro Exotique

Samantha Vérant is a best-selling author who lives in Toulouse, southern
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Review Death and Croissants by Ian Moore

Ian Moore is famous for his stand up comedy and now
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The Chateau of Illusions by Guy HIbbert

A tale of love, loss and redemption set in France during
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Review | The Road to Villa Page

The Road to Villa Page: A He Said/She Said Memoir of
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Review of Menu from the Midi, by Colin Duncan Taylor

If you’ve ever travelled in France you may well have wondered
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