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Tailored online French lessons

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When it comes to learning French, the very best way is through immersion or face to face learning with someone who understands how to teach, coach, and help you. And face to face learning works just as well with online French lessons as it does if you’re in the same room.

Flexible and highly structured

Brigitte Miramont has been teaching French to non-French speakers for more than 30 years. She is highly qualified and has taught at high school, university level and runs immersion courses at her home near Marseille. ‘Learning to speak French gives you skills that go far beyond the obvious’ she says. ‘Learning a new language is rewarding, life-enriching, and it’s also fun.’

Whether you’re learning for yourself, for a move to France, for a job, to pass an exam or to make your time in France more satisfying by being able to communicate better, Brigitte will put together a highly structured learning plan that’s also flexible

Private and tailor made

‘Most people have uniquely different requirements when it comes to learning’ says Brigitte. ‘One size doesn’t always fit all when you’re learning French. Often friends or couples do want to share lessons and learn together. But equally, individuals respond best to a tailor-made approach.’ After an initial, free consultation, Brigitte will create a plan that’s just right for each person. And importantly, she takes into account what level you want to achieve.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, her plan will help you to increase your French skills from speaking to writing. ‘People are often amazed at how quickly they can progress’ says Brigitte. ‘But when I’m working with someone face to face to teach French online, I can adjust the pace and the level. I make my approach suit the individual and their needs. It is wonderfully successful. I really love to see students of all ages and levels enhance their skills in a way and at a pace they didn’t think was possible.

Whether it’s a child worried about moving to France with family and not being able to speak French. Or someone who needs to understand French for their job. Students sometimes want to learn because they appreciate a new skill and love the French language. There are all sorts of reasons to learn French, and it is my pleasure to help people’.

Bespoke online French lessons

The 60-minute lessons cover speaking and listening and cover grammar, phonetics, and vocabulary. You’ll learn about accentuation and intonation and all the little things that help you speak French like a local. And what you’ve covered during your online lesson will be emailed to you afterwards so you can practice as much as you need.

Contact Brigitte for a free 30-minute trial lesson on Skype to discover more…

Find out more at: www.live-and-learn-en-provence.com/online-lessons

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