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Take the slow Road France, Martin Dorey

Whether it’s your first time taking a road trip in France or you’ve done it 100 times before, Martin Dorey’s Take the Slow Road France is an absolute treasure trove of useful information and top tips.

26 routes that take you across and around France that Martin has personally road tested….

The book starts with how to prepare for your French adventure with as Martin says “all the ins and outs, types of places you can stay, stuff to remember and other titbits of information.” It’s like having a friend tell you the best roads to take, where to stop off, anecdotes of what happened there or en route and fun facts. Martin lists the essentials as well as the things that make your trip go even better- no I wouldn’t have thought of taking a universal sink plug for using at camp sites!

Top tips for road trippers in France

I loved the tips for “newbies to France” including “France has 30,000 roundabouts – you will notice this” and “Napoleon was taller than the average Frenchman at the time.” It’s that chatty tone, full of fabulously fun facts as well as really useful stuff from how to hire a campervan in France to a guide to campsites, that makes this a standout guide to taking a road trip in France.

There are coastal routes, alpine and lavender. North, south, east and west. You’ll find details you’re unlikely to find in your average guide book, it’s both practical and fun.

Part travelogue, part guide, totally brilliant

I loved the route descriptions, no dry “take this road, take that road”. Though all the facts you need are given, the road numbers, what the drive is like, there’s loads more info about whether a town isn’t suitable for a motor home, how good the camping sites or aires (free or low cost camping areas) are, what you can see en route, where to take a detour, and what you must stop and see or you’ll kick yourself if you missed it.

The map detail is simple so you’ll need a detailed map or Satnav to supplement the trip. Part travelogue, part guide, it’s all about making your journey more than it would be without the book. It’s absorbing and authoritative, written in a friendly narrative style, full of observations that make it both informative and insightful. And it’s a visual feast too with Martin’s photos throughout, tempting you to pack your bags and take to the road.

You won’t need any other book to plan or take a perfect road trip in France. Take the Slow Road France will be your helpful companion when you’re travelling and will give you a serious case of wanderlust – you’ll want to take every trip – when you’re not.

Take the Slow Road France by Martin Dorey is published by Bloomsbury Publishing Ltd. It is available from Amazon and online and from all good bookshops (who can order it if it’s not in stock).

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