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Taking Bikes To France On The Ferry


While there may be several ways of getting yourselves and your bikes over to France, there’s really only one that makes sense if you’re a cyclist. This is something anyone who’s had the misfortunate of travelling by plane with bikes in-tow will know all too well. The unacceptable expense of paying for its transit, wondering if it will turn up damaged or perhaps even be lost completely along the way is, suffice to say, far from ideal.

By contrast, the ferry to France makes for a journey that’s as convenient and enjoyable as it is incredibly affordable. For short breaks and extended cycling adventures alike, you’ll never regret ditching the low-cost airline in favour of the ferry!

France’s Stunning North


The North of France really does represent cycling country at its very finest. With the likes of Brittany and Normandy within easy reach, some of the most spectacular cycling opportunities in Europe are literally right there on our doorstep. All year-round, it’s perfectly possible to pick up outstanding deals and discounts, which include ferry travel with bikes for singles, couples, families, groups and pretty much everyone else besides.

Along with amazing deals available throughout the year, travelling by ferry to France with your bike just couldn’t be more relaxing. You board the ferry, your bike is secured somewhere safe and you spend the rest of the trip enjoying yourself, doing whatever takes your fancy. And if it’s a night crossing you choose, you can sleep the journey away and arrive fit, fresh and ready to go.

Avoiding the Unpleasantness


When factoring in airport transfer times, security procedures, cramped conditions and the prospect of delays, hitting the continent by plane really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The ferry may be a slower way of getting across the Channel, but it’s also a way of ensuring you enjoy every step of your trip from start to finish. Dine in style, indulge in a little shopping or just laze the evening away in your own private cabin. Whatever you choose, you’ll find it a whole new world from the one you may be used to when travelling with the market’s more affordable airlines.


Before heading out for an active holiday on the move, it’s a good idea to first familiarise yourself with a few expert guides to cycling in France which can be found online or in your local bookstore. Whether it’s completing a stage of the Tour De France for pure bragging rights, exploring the historic heart of St Malo or spending a relaxing afternoon in Cherbourg, it’s pure cycling nirvana for visitors on two wheels. And of course, let’s not forget the incredible treasures to be discovered along France’s Atlantic Coast – the adventure opportunity of a lifetime!

A Pleasant Surprise

If a ferry crossing to France isn’t something you’ve experienced or considered for a while, you could be in for a pleasant surprise. So which ferry provider should you choose? That really depends on convenience and your location to the ferry ports. One of the most popular choices is Brittany Ferries as they offer the widest choice with ferry routes to France from Portsmouth, Poole & Plymouth (they also have some excellent cycling guides on their website!).

When it comes to comfort, entertainment, enjoyment and year-round low prices, you’ll find no better way of getting your bikes over to France in one piece!

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