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I hope you’ve had a good week – I’ve certainly had a packed week!

Imagine my surprise, when, I was sitting having my morning cup of tea in the kitchen and, I looked up and saw Rocky the rescue duck who refuses to stay in the pen, making her way to the back door followed by 9 ducklings. I had no idea she was even sitting on eggs! So, having promised myself no more animals, I now find that I have a rather eye-watering 80 animals in total. With 3 geese, 2 chickens, and 7 ducks currently nesting, I am turning into a regular Dr Doolittle! Actually I should be Dr Doolot since I have a lot of feeding and cleaning to do these days.

After several days of glorious sunshine, torrential rain decided to arrive shortly after the ducklings so I had to dash out the garden and round them all up into a safe pen with a cover and straw to keep them warm. Thunder rumbled, lightning streaked across the dark sky, my 3 dogs howled, my 9 cats sat under the trees and tables watching the mad human trying to re-house 9 tiny balls of squeaking yellow fluff whilst being attacked by an anxious duck. Luckily I got them all under cover just in time and mum and ducklings are doing really well!

Meanwhile work on the fence that fell down in the front garden has halted thanks to the electrics in the house going wrong and needing urgent attention. I have to tell you, life in rural France is never dull.

Whatever you have planned for the weekend, I hope you have time to enjoy the fabulous features on the website!

With best wishes,
Bon Weekend and bisous from France


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