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Ten French Language Courses to be Won!


Flash Give Away News!

The Good Life France has partnered with Comme Une Francaise to offer ten lucky winners a free French Vocabulary and Conversation Course. Valued at Euros 197.00 the course will help you with words and pronunciation and it’s great fun! If you want to Parlez like a Francaise then hurry and enter because the contest closes on 25 February 2015.

Géraldine Lepère, French lifestyle and language guru says lots of French expressions are confusing when translated literally from French to English. Sometimes, they even mean the opposite of what you thought they meant. “Nobody gives you a proper explanation” says Géraldine “but I will  help”. She will teach you how to parlez like a French person, for instance with French colloquial expressions including a few of her favourite ones like “It’s in the middle of NOWHERE!” or “You’ll NEVER do this”, you’ll be able to say them spontaneously and with style…

Converse in a café with confidence, or at the market, in the street, at a musuem or art gallery, on the metro or the train station anywhere and you’ll sound like a local!

All you have to do is click on the contest page at Comme Une Francaise and answer a very easy question: WIN A FRENCH CONVERSATION COURSE

You’ll receive weekly lessons online, meaning you can work at your own pace: all at once or a little each day. All conversations are bite-size (less than 5 minutes long) to help you learn quickly and easily. And re-listen as many times as you want.

You can download all the content and listen to the audios in your car, review the PDFs in the subway and watch the videos on the plane to Paris…

Va va voom to enter the course – it ends soon!

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