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The best gastronomic guided Tour of Dordogne

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One of the main reasons we all love France so much is for it’s wonderful gastronomy. Those marvellous markets, the cake and bread shops, cheese and wine – they are as every bit as alluring as the enchanting castles, fabulous countryside and wonderful vineyards. French gastronomy is world famous. It’s UNESCO listed even. And in Dordogne you can experience a unique taste of France with a gastronomic tour company called Perigourmet.

Perigourmet – Gastronomic tours of Dordogne

Village carved into rocks alongside the River Dordogne, France

Perigourmet are based near Sarlat, a medieval time warp town in Dordogne. Run by Frenchman Michel and Danu from New Zealand, they have created gastronomic tours that are unique, memorable and utterly delectable.

Hop into your classic 2CV tour vehicle and head off into the countryside. Visit little towns and villages and discover gastronomic marvels and local specialities. There are lashing of tastings as you sample the best of the area. Sit back and be chauffeured in style so you can enjoy a glass of wine and sip the local liqueurs. You’ll discover the hidden gastronomic secrets of Dordogne and find out the fascinating history of food in the area including the famous “tourte de Meyrals” which of course you’ll taste, straight from a 100 year old wood oven.

Meet the makers

Artisan products in Dordogne, wine, liqueurs and and cold meats

Depending on which tour you take you’ll visit a vineyard, farms – including a truffle farm, distillery, walnut orchard, biscuit and cake makers. Tours are half day or full day which includes lunch at a local restaurant. The places you visit are rarely discovered by visitors. Years of savoir-faire and experience have honed the skills of these local chefs and producers and there’s nowhere else quite like it. You’ll meet the passionate artisans and producers and it doesn’t matter if you don’t speak French, many of them speak English and Michel and Danu will translate if not.

Perigourmet even offer a caviar tour in the area, since this part of France is famous for its caviar production.

Discover the history of Perigord Noir

And each Wednesday, Perigourmet offer a one day tour of the area to discover its ancient history. Through forest roads and tiny villages, your historian guide will reveal the mysteries and hidden gems of Dordogne. You’ll take a tour of a private chateau and its cellars. Visit exquisite villages with beautiful churches including a 12th century priory and enjoy lunch at a historic venue.

Enjoy the ride

A couple stand up in a cherry red 2CV smiling and enjoying the landscape of Dordogne

About the 2CV ride! Cherry red, lid open or shut – the cars are scene stealers and an experience in themselves. And if you’re in a big group, Perigourmet can provide more 2CVs so that you all get to enjoy the ride!

About Perigourmet

Danu is a wine market and cellar master, an expert on wines of the area. And Michel, a local has insider knowledge and a little black book of contacts that make these tours so special. Their enthusiasm and passion are infectious and if they’re always happy to tailor the tours to suit the guests.

For those in the Sarlat area, this is an essential and utterly brilliant tour that will make your stay even more special – and totally delicious!

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