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The best of French, British and Irish food | Entente Cordiale!

Great French gastronomy paired with great British and Irish favourites – gastronomic entente cordiale was never more delicious for those who live in France! The very best of French and British food combined.

Bacon by the Box ship all your favourite British and Irish foods from Ireland to France (and other parts of Europe), from succulent sausages and savoury bacon to custard cream biscuits, gravy powder and tea bags. It’s about having the best of both worlds – the scrumptious local products and a taste of home.

Take clotted cream for instance. It’s not something you can buy in France – it’s just not a thing. But Bacon by the Box ship it in a refrigerated pack and it can be frozen. My French neighbours absolutely love clotted cream – especially when I make the great British teatime classic scones (actually Bacon by the Box have scone mix too), paired with Madame Bernadette’s home-made strawberry jam!

And Bacon by the Box ship a whole feast of favourites that make life just that little bit more sweet.

Sweet and savoury

Marmite, marmalade and mushy peas. Bisto gravy powder, sage and onion stuffing mix, and your favourite soups including oxtail. Chinese sauces, pickles and chutneys. Atora Suet (perfect for making dumplings to go with your boeuf bourguignon) and crumpets. And much much more. Bacon by the Box stock all the great British and Irish cupboard staples that you can’t easily find, or can’t find at all, or they’re really expensive in France.

And if you crave a good old cup of tea and a rich tea biscuit or maybe custard cream, Hobnobs (dippers as we call them in our house), or Gingernuts – there’s a great range of biscuits and teas (and even Bovril).

If you grew up with Birds Custard Powder, and can’t find it in France, then rejoice because Bacon by the Box have that in stock, as well jellies, rice puddings and your favourite chocolate bars and vintage sweets from Fudge to wine gums!

Great British and Irish favourites – meat and dairy

If you’re missing great British bangers – simply order them online. And it’s not just succulent sausages, bacon too – streaky, smoked and unsmoked. Plus black pudding, haggis, all your meat (with award winning lines) and barbecue favourites. And there’s a great range of pies including cheese and onion, sausage rolls, chicken curry and steak and kidney, and traditional pasties (we love the mincemeat and onion pies with mash and liquor – a taste of cockney London and very easy to make – just fish stock, flour and parsley!).

And Bacon by the Box have a super range of cheddars – the perfect addition to your French cheese platter. My French friends absolutely adore the mature, crumbly Irish cheddar and say “the rich and complex flavours are magnifique.”

Bacon by the Box offer the largest refrigerated home delivery network across mainland Europe. And everything is delivered fresh so it can go in the freezer. Plus if you order more than 150 Euros worth of goods, you don’t pay delivery, so we often get together with neighbours to combine our orders. Plus you earn points for discounts, and there’s no minimum spend.

Entente Cordiale on a dish

French food is fabulous, there is no doubt about that, but paired with a taste of home, all those great British and Irish flavours – it’s entente cordiale in the best possible way!

Check out the superb range of produce and place your orders online at: baconbythebox.com

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