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The Good Life France Magazine Spring 2023

The Good Life France Magazine Spring 2023
Welcome to The Good Life France Magazine Spring 2023 issue.

This issue is simply sizzling! As always, it’s chock full of fabulous features and fantastic photos.

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The Good Life France Magazine Spring 2023

It never ceases to amaze me just how rich the history of France is – and even more so, just how many traces of the past remain, preserved in the many historic buildings in every town and village. In this issue we’ll delve into the past of some of the great chateaux of the Loire Valley – unbelievably pretty Ussé (think Sleeping Beauty), Villandry, and the royal castles of Loches and Chinon where Joan of Arc changed the course of France’s destiny. We’ll also plunge into Plantagenet history, and we’ll explore the extraordinary story of a postman who built a palace from pebbles with his bare hands in a small village in the Drôme, southeast France.

Fabulous features – fantastic photos

France also has an incredibly diverse landscape – we head south, slow travel style, and explore beauties like gorgeous Sète, Aigues Mortes, Arles with its extraordinary Roman remains, and more. Then north to discover the prettiest villages and follow the historic wine route of Alsace. Then we’re back to the south to fall in love with glorious Vaucluse in Provence, where nature has a party in the spring. And we check out picturesque Perche in Normandy, explore Lyon and its surroundings, beautiful Brittany and charming les Charentes – Charente and Charente-Maritime.

Foodies will love the history of St Honoré – the patron saint of bakers – and also a scrumptious cake. And we’re sharing some absolutely mouth-watering recipes so you can enjoy a taste of France at home.

And there’s heaps more – from useful guides to top tours and what’s new in France.

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The Good Life France Magazine Spring 2023

I wish you a very happy spring.

Bisous from my little corner of France
Janine Marsh

Don’t forget to subscribe here – the magazine is free. And please share this issue with your friends – that’s free too! Coming up in the next issue highlights include Mont-Saint-Michel, Normandy, Paris, Provence, Basque country, chateau stories, delicious recipes – everything you want to know about France and more…

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