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The Good Life France Magazine Summer 2022 issue

Front cover of The Good Life France Magazine Summer 2022 issue

The Good Life France Magazine Summer 2022 is out. It’s totally free to read and utterly fabulous:

The Good Life France Magazine Summer 2022

Discover the intoxicating island of Corsica, a well-kept secret island of beauty where 80% of visitors are from France. Head south to arty Arles, once a Roman colony, adored by artists and now a cultural hotspot, and the wetlands of the Camargue where wild white horses and pink flamingoes roam. We explore gorgeous Antibes on the Mediterranean coast, nothing like its more well known neighbours Nice and Cannes where we also go to find out more about this bucket list beauty. In the north, discover the historic department of Aisne in Picardy – the ancient cradle of France, and Agincourt, a land of glorious countryside and a super museum dedicated to its famous battle.

We meet the artisan gin makers of Cognac, expats who make the most incredible liqueurs, find out about France’s green wines and follow the famous prune route – yes prunes, forget the horror of school dinners featuring cold custard and watery dried plums, French prunes are cool!

Find out about Burgundy and Franche-Comté’s UNESCO treasures. What it’s really like to live in a grand chateau. And discover the work of one of the world’s most brilliant floral artists.

Guides, language lessons and wine tips from our new wine expert. Scrumptious recipes, the best tours and what’s new in France and more…

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The Good Life France Magazine – Summer 2022

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