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The Good Life France Magazine Winter 2016


Welcome to The Good Life France Magazine Winter 2016 – completely free to read online, download and subscribe to, and it always will be.

In this issue we’ll inspire you with wonderful articles and fabulous photos, bringing you the best of France and all things French.

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Fantastic Features

  • Discover 10 brilliant book nooks in Paris: cosy, gorgeous book shops with more than books.
  • Be dazzled by Paris at Christmas: Where to go for the lights, the best gifts and festive fun.
  • Meet a lovely cheese-making family in the Haute-Savoie: A grandmother and granddaughter who work together making sensational Reblochon in the mountains near Annecy.
  • Be captivated by a northern French town with a unique English vibe: Le Touquet on the Opal Coast – the perfect example of entente-cordiale.
  • Get under the skin of Provence: in the Parc Natural Regonal des Alpilles where the tranquility is mesmerising.
  • Find out about Flaine in the French Alps: a really family friendly ski destination with flair.
  • Paris is the most visited tourist destination in the world and best-selling author Mark Pryor explains why he loves Paris so much.
  • Check out the belle of the French Riviera: A legendary hotel with echoes of the past.
  • We review a unique and very special music venue: Sainte-Chapelle, an 800 year old church completed before the great Cathedral of Notre Dame, today hosts spectacular musical events.
  • We find Carcassonne makes for a perfect winter destination with bags of charm.
  • Discover the history of caviar in France – yes, who knew?!
  • Spotlight on Blaye, the historic little town in Aquitaine that packs a mighty historic punch.
  • Be totally inspired by the story of a couple in America who bought a house in France after the saw it on the internet!
  • Find out how to get a free holiday by house sitting in France

Regular Features

  • Enchanting Chateau series: The Chateau de Brissac, the tallest castle in France and the most amazing B&B ever.
  • Your Photos: A new series in which we showcase the most popular photos shared with us on Facebook.
  • 5 Minute French Lesson: How to make a toast in French!
  • The Good life in the Charente-Maritime: The expats who’ve found a little corner of paradise, plus local property agent tips.
  • The Good Life in the Haute-Vienne: The expats who’ve opened a pop up restaurant in their front room; plus local property agent tips.
  • The Good Life in Dordogne: How an ex professional footballer and his family have found happiness in France; plus local property agent tips.

Ask The Experts

  • Marketing your rental property in France: Top tips to help you market your holiday let effectively.
  • Property Guide to France:  the buying and selling process.
  • Support for carers: Our expert examines what help is available for those with elderly relatives to care for.
  • Pension Advice: Out experts investigates a real life case history and explains the options for retirees.


  • Chocolate Macarons: Pierre Hermé, revered Parisian pattisier, shares his recipe
  • Tartiflette Savoyarde: Hearty, delicious and sensational tart made with Reblochon cheese.
  • Caviar with fettucine and smoked salmon
  • Home-made Orange liqueur with a French twist

Great gifts with a French flavour and incredible Give-aways

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of The Good Life France Magazine – we review some of the best gifts with a French flavour and – we’re giving them away! 16 brilliant prizes to win from a row of vines in an iconic vineyard, designer bags, personalised luggage, French Caviar, books and more.

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