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The Good Life France Newsletter December 2016



Brrrr it’s been a chilly week here in France reaching -7 deg C (20Deg F) mid week. It’s time to check my ducks don’t get their feet stuck to the cold mud! I’ve never seen that myself but my neighbour assures me it can happen and that several times he’s had to chisel his ducks out of the ground on particularly cold days! I think he’s pulling my leg, but I’m not entirely sure.

The Christmas season has got going here in the-middle-of-nowhere France, but in a very slow, unobtrusive sort of way. I’ve only spotted one Christmas tree in a house three villages away so far. The Christmas markets have started though and they more than make up for the lack of lights in village streets. Most of the big towns hold a Christmas market, usually only for a weekend, the bigger cities of course go on for the whole month, Arras Christmas Market which is near to me, has one of the best I’ve ever been to. It’s fun and colourful, authentic and welcoming and the setting is utterly gorgeous – it’s a real French winter wonderland. At just 50 mins from Paris by train and an hour from Calais by car, I can highly recommend it.

This weekend I am cooking dinner for my neighbours. I’m not very good at cooking so I thought I would make a typically British roast beef dinner for them which I can usually do without ruining anything.  My neighbours and French friends are all like Master Chefs, when I go to their houses they’ll bring out tiny, delicate little cakes they “just prepared” or golden, flaky croissants, melt in your mouth tarts and pastries.  I tried to make a jus once which nearly set the kitchen on fire. The trouble is, I get chatting on Facebook or I think of something I want to write and tell you about so, I set the timer to remind me to go and stir things or remove them from the oven. The timer goes off, I’m engrossed by then and I think “ooh just ten more seconds” and then smoke starts drifting around the house and the smoke alarm goes off and, oops I’ve done it again. So, if I’m quiet tomorrow on Facebook, you’ll know I’m in the kitchen, apron on, panicking!

With best wishes, bon weekend
Bisous from France

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