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The Good Life France Newsletter February 2012

I was much taken with this “ice dog” sculpture that formed naturally in the garden!

Learning to send out a newsletter has been a bit of a learning curve for me but here we go… and a big bonjour to everyone who has signed up.

I keep reading how in February we all start to appreciate the longer days, the signs of spring and the soil warming up – but there’s definitely no evidence of that in my part of France!  It snowed for two days at the beginning of the month and a week later it’s still thick on the ground thanks to the very low temperatures that we’ve been getting.

Still, lots of people are thinking of where to spend a weekend, a summer holiday or a day out and we’ve got lots of suggestions on the site for you  and will be bringing loads more news about places to visit and what all the different regions of France have to offer.  One of the places I think I will definitely have to visit this year is Paris– I know I’ve been many times but it’s been a while and all this research and looking at pictures has made me want to go and do it all again and this time I think I’ll base myself in a tree house as I’ve never done that before!

In the news in France we’ve seen some fine stories including the French Minister’s advice to the homeless to “stay at home” when its cold and plans for a new theme park in France – Napoleonland.  We do try to bring you the oddest and most fun stories on the whole but on a serious note the election campaign in France is starting to be interesting with President Sarkozy doing everything he can to make people like him and his opponents doing rather more well than anyone had thought possible.

Burglars will be shot!

I’ve been blogging about life in France every week and thanks to everyone who posts their comments on Facebook – I wonder why the most popular blogs are the ones where things go wrong like when I nearly burned the house down making Le Crumble or “Burglars will be shot”!

Anyway – I welcome your comments and suggestions for more articles and please feel free to join me on Twitter (@lifefrance), Facebook  if you’re not already (The GoodLife France) and pass me on to everyone you know!


A bientôt


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