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The Good Life France Newsletter January 2017



Isn’t it strange how just a week into January we’ve almost forgotten Christmas and the New Year – or perhaps it’s just me! I hope that you had a lovely start to the year and a great New Year’s Eve. I watched the film “Midnight in Paris” with friends and we saw the New Year in with a glass of Champagne. If you’ve not seen the film and you’re a Paris fan – you’ll love it!

I told you that another cat arrived at the back door a few weeks ago, I’ve called her “The Cat with No Name yet”. She’s like a bit soft cushion with legs and it’s obvious someone has loved her as she’s large and soft and very affectionate, not like the feral cats that usually turn up. She has hardly moved from the door and sleeps in a bed I made her on the terrace and follows me everywhere the minute I go outside. She has the grumpiest face of any cat I’ve ever seen but she purrs a lot and my other cats seem to like her, even Hank Marvin He’s Always Starvin who, for a one eyed runt has been a bit pithy lately. Whatever the vet gave him to clear up his virus last year has had the strangest affect. He’s grown long thick black hair, previously he had a lot of bald patches, he’s put on loads of weight, and most oddly he has become very cocky and thinks he is now the boss.

I’m just planning my first trip of the year, to the south of France in February (I know, lucky me!) and I’m looking forward to share more French adventures with you this year so stay tuned!

Bisous from France

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Congratulations to the two winners of a row of vines in a French Vineyard – Denise Arnold and Sue Hall.

Congratulations to Debra Sams, the winner of the Christian Lacroix designed tote bag from the Comedie Francaise Paris which has a lovely boutique where you can buy fab souvenirs.

Thank you so much for all your comments, likes and shares on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – I absolutely love chatting to you!

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