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Bonjour from France

I truly hope that you and yours are well.

My first news this week is that the new The Good Life France Magazine is out! You can find it here and it is totally FREE to read online, download and subscribe to and that won’t change. There’s no catch, I won’t put it behind a paywall so you can’t read it without paying. I create it because it’s my passion and I love to share. I hope you enjoy it and if you like it, I hope you’ll share it too.

My second news is to say the most enormous thank you to everyone who bought my book. On the day it was published last week, it got a “Hot New Release” tag on Amazon and I celebrated with a glass of wine in the garden. And then it got a “best seller” tag. So I celebrated a bit more. Honestly and humbly (and with a slight hangover the morning after) THANK YOU SO MUCH for buying my book. And thank you to everyone who wrote to me to tell me they liked it even better than my last book!

Meanwhile, my furry and feathered animals care not about any of this. Horrible Hannibal the naughty cockerel who was born just before Christmas is causing mayhem in the bird pen. He chases the chickens and ducks, runs up behind them and jumps up to scare them and has taken to climbing up my legs. He’s tiny for his age but he’s quite as feisty as Pscyho Ken the cockerel who used to terrorise me and hide in trees and then drop down like a feathered Rambo as I walked past.

In the garden, as I’ve had much more time than I normally do, I now have 110 tomato plants and 37 cucumber plants growing, if this lock-down carries on much longer I’m probably going to be able to supply shops! I’ve also planted three areas of meadow flowers for the bees and insects, there seem to be a lot more than usual this year so I figure they’re going to need feeding.

Four little stray cats have joined my pampered feline gang. Little Socks, Little Boy, Ginger Roger II and Marie-Antoinette (she has bouffant hair). The dogs aren’t happy, they already get bossed about by the small furry family members as it is. Maybe I’ll have to get more dogs! Eventually I will have a zoo.

I wish you and yours truly well from my little pig sty.
Bisous from France,

ps this week’s inspiring quote from William Shakespeare, born April 1582: “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” Never a truer word spoken..

Author of My Good Life in France: In Pursuit of the Rural Dream – ebook, print and audio, on Amazon everywhere and all good bookshops online, and just published My Four Seasons in France: A Year of the Good Life

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