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The Little French Car in Paris by Stan Cheren

Drawing of a 2CV car from the book The Little French Car in Paris

The Little French Car in Paris by Stan Cheren is a childrens book which whisks young readers away to the city of light in an iconic French car – the legendary 2CV (Charleston model).

A talking car in Paris

Ms Deuzy is a perfect little talking car that goes on adventures with her new owner and stops crime, what’s not to love about that!

I read it with my two kids Leo, aged 8 and Rachel aged 5. The book is very engaging from the start, prompting lots of questions before we turned each page. Why has the car been left to grow old alone asked Leo? Who will drive it over the hills Rachel wanted to know?

Rachel had fun guessing what the little car would do or who it will speak to next and my son, who is learning French at school, liked that there were French phrases in the book followed by the English equivalent.

French student Luc shows how his perseverance pays off in proving to his mother that Ms Deuzy is the perfect car for their family and their business. The descriptive writing adds an extra something to the story.

The illustrations match the authors words perfectly. The car is an absolute delight – everyone loves a 2CV!

Great read for kids

Book jacket of The Little French Car in Paris by Stan Cheren showing Eiffel Tower and a 2CVThis is an easy read for a child aged over 7 and a great book to be read together with younger ones. From an adult perspective it’s a great book to read with children. I liked how the author sneaked a bit of emotion into it too, giving older kids more to think about. In our house we give lots of objects and toys names to give them character, so this book will sit firmly in our collection for a long time.

The kids had this to say:

Leo: I liked the part where they catch the bad men who stole the flowers, and when Ms Deuzy took a ride on a tug boat!

Rachel 5: The flowers make the car pretty and she is saved by a boy who drives her over the hills and to the Eiffel Tower!

The book is available in English and French.

Order from www.thelittlefrenchcar.org You’ll receive a letter from Miss Deuzy with your book and three pictures of the original drawings to colour in…

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