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The New Chicken Pen is Looking Très Bien

It’s a bit of a miserable grey day today but ‘Enry Cooper the cat has been cheering us up in the garden.

We’ve been working on the new chicken pen which is hopefully big enough to keep the girls and Eaglet happy so that I can feel comfortable shutting them in.  At the moment they roam freely all over the garden which is not good for my vegetable beds, the terrace of the house or the paths as chickens do tend to leave signs that they’ve been there if you know what I mean.

Up he goes for an inspection

‘Enry loves the chickens – they peck at him sometimes and he runs and scatters them about but there seems to be a healthy respect on both sides.   Today was the first time I’ve seen ‘Enry want to be a chicken though and go to sleep in the nesting box.

Into the nesting box for a snooze

The girls just took it in their stride and left him to it – they were too busy being nosey about what there was to see or dig up in their new pen.

Out he comes and looking for more trouble

Another day or so should see their new clear roof shelter going up so that they have some protection from the rain when they need it.

I think its going to look great when its done.

A bientôt
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