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The Valley Of Heaven And Hell – Cycling In The Shadow Of Marie Antoinette

I have always been a fan of Susie Kelly books, often humorous tales about her life, adventures and travels in France. She gives her readers the opportunity to discover what it is really like to live in France and learn about its history.

Her unique ability to portrayal the characters she meets, and the situations she finds herself in, make you either want to laugh or cry.

I fell in love with France on my first visit, a school trip to Paris, aged 14 and the love holds fast to this day.

When Susie Kelly released The Valley Of Heaven And Hell – Cycling In The Shadow Of Marie Antoinette I knew I would enjoy it because I have always been very interested in this period of French history.

Susie and her husband’s adventures on this epic cycle ride had me captivated, from their start at Versailles, the horrors of cycling in Paris to her descriptions of the places she visited and the histories behind them as they followed the final journey of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI.

I learnt so much about a part of France I have never visited, the bravery of the French resistance during the wars and the Champagne houses.  I have visited Paris a couple of times since that first school trip but I have an overwhelming urge to go back again and look at some of the places I have missed, armed with more knowledge.

My daughter and I visited the Palace of Versailles this summer and found it absolutely breath-taking, truly spectacular and it was definitely the most amazing palace I have ever seen, hopefully soon I will get to Paris again and then perhaps some of those other wonderful places Susie visited.

Another great book from one of my favourite authors.

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