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The Week Before Christmas Newsletter



Hope you had a good week…

Last week I went to the Fete de la Dinde, the Turkey Festival, in lovely Licques, northern France. It’s a tiny town surrounded by the most glorious rural countryside, truly idyllic and largely unknown to tourism. The festival was as brilliant as ever with a huge market, stalls groaning under a heap of cheeses, snails, chocolate, Champagne and all sorts of goodies. We did though miss the annual turkey run. Thanks to a bird flu warning in place in Europe, the turkeys weren’t allowed to run about as usual. However all was not lost, a few plucky locals dressed up (are you groaning at that pun?!) and ran about flapping their wings and making turkey noises!

I’m off to the seaside resort of Le Touquet for a Christmas jazz concert next week and tomorrow I’ll be in Boulogne-sur-Mer for a wonderfully authentic Christmas market (one to pop in your diaries for next year!). But first I have to teach English to a couple of kids in the village. I forgot to tell you that a couple of weeks ago I was chatting to a neighbour and he mentioned that his daughter was struggling with her English lessons at school. I said I wouldn’t mind helping and he said (I recall it quite clearly) “just for 20 minutes”. Well, now she and her friend come to my house each week to learn English and play Scrabble (for hours). I’m not quite sure how that happened but my French is improving as they are very strict and made me repeat “montre” (the French word for wrist watch) about twenty times as I find it so hard to say!

Whatever you have planned, I wish you a very bon weekend,
Bisous from France

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