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Top travel accessories tips from cases to cameras

I spend several weeks per year travelling round France and I’m often asked what are my favourite travel items.

So without further ado, here are my must-haves:


A good suitcase is essential. I I go everywhere by train or on foot so I have to have a suitcase that’s not heavy and not a drag to drag. I use Level 8’s carry on case with a side pocket for iPads and laptops (which is lockable). Many of my travel writer friends recommended Level 8 as they’re not expensive but have a great selection. My case is medium size and I can easily get enough in there for 5 days of travel. It’s super easy to pull, (my old suitcase was nothing like this, the Level* case is practically driverless!). The case has lots of compartments – but it’s the laptop pocket that really does it for me. When I’m travelling I like to take my iPad for working on and normally I have to carry it in my bag with my camera, or I have to put it inside my suitcase which is a real faff to get out when you’re travelling or on a train. I also put my kindle in there, note pads and spare charger. The side pocket is brilliant – it’s secure and easy to get to. I’m hooked on this suitcase. level8cases.com


Well in the old days I’d carry a Cannon and different lenses. But now I pretty much only use an iPhone (13) unless I’m taking photos for a glossy magazine – they sometimes insist on a camera not a phone camera. Then I’m back to my trusty Cannon (and sometimes a Lumix).

I recommend a phone cage which makes it easy to hold the phone, take videos, and is added security against dropping your phone. Also it’s really easy to hold tight which is additional security. I also use a lightweight tripod, and a button clicker for night photos (they’re really cheap but really help to improve night time photos as they eliminate shake). And I carry a camera light, a lightweight light box with changeable filters – great for food photos (and dark alleys!).

Camera bag

I use a very old DLSR camera bag for everything – phone, purse etc. Because it has side compartments I can squirrel things away and they are very light. I love the leather and canvas camera bags but when you’re travelling or walking a lot – lightweight is best. It’s a shoulder sling bag so I have it in front of me. It’s easy to access everything, and made of water proof material. I’m not keen on backpack camera bags as I like to be able to reach in as and when I like and not keep taking the bag off.

Charger and plug adaptor

I take a universal plug adaptor everywhere. You simply push a button and pull out the plug fittings that are right for wherever you are (UK, EU, US Aus) and it has 2 USB ports. I can use it on the train and everywhere I go. Charges up my phone, cameras and Kindle (I love paper books but when I’m travelling a Kindle is lightweight). I carry two chargers, I dread my phone running down! Both are lightweight.

I’m not being paid for this, it’s not a sponsored post, just sharing some of my favourite things because I get asked a lot.

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