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Travel to France from the UK by Train with Rail Europe

 travel to france from uk by train

Rail Europe is the leading provider in the UK for European rail tickets and passes and they have over 100 years experience in helping travellers plan and book their European rail journeys.

So in the age of the low cost airline, why should you take the train to France?

City centre to city centre travel – board in central London and arrive in Europe in the heart of Paris or Lille, putting an end to transfers from out of town airports.

Wide range of destinations – the train can get you to major cities, provincial towns and the smallest villages throughout France, where the rail network is so comprehensive that whether you’re heading for the mountains, beach, countryside or city, there’s likely to be a station very nearby.

On board space and comfort – Sit back and relax in spacious seats, or take a stroll to the buffet car. It’s often not that much more expensive to treat yourself to first class for even more on board space.

No additional fees or charges – there’s no charge to carry luggage on board French trains. In fact, you can usually carry two bags per person, plus hand luggage, and as long as your bags can fit in the luggage spaces at the ends of the carriages, there’s no limit to their size. In fact, on some trains, you can even carry your bike or your dog (although there will be a fee for this on most trains).

High speed all the way – the European rail network is expanding all the time with more and more high-speed lines opening and reducing journey times between major European cities. Did you know it’s only 2 hours 20 minutes from London to Paris; 2 hours 20 from Paris to Strasbourg; 50 minutes from Paris to Reims; and only 3 hours 5 minutes from Paris to Marseille?

Better for the environment – rail is the greener way to travel, emitting up to 10 times less carbon than a plane journey. Travelling by train lets you take your carbon conscience on holiday with you.

Better for families – kids love trains and they’ll be happy and entertained throughout the journey. It’s easy to let them stretch their legs with a walk to the buffet car, and some trains even have dedicated family spaces with flip up tables to give more space for the little ones to play. And what bigger adventure could you get as a child than to actually sleep on a train?

How far can I get by train?

Rail Europe can help you to plan your journey from the UK, through to the furthest corners of France and Europe. They offer tickets for all major European carriers and cover literally thousands of routes throughout Europe. Whether you’re booking a Eurostar journey from London to Paris, a high speed journey or an overnight train. Rail Europe is also able to sell car carrying AutoTrain services to around a dozen destinations throughout southern France and a range of Rail Passes, allowing unlimited travel over a given period of time, in either France, or throughout the whole of Europe.

Find more on destinations and services at www.raileurope.co.uk

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