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Ugly diners to the back!

ugly diners

An unattractive story has been unfolding on the web in the last few days concerning restaurants in Paris and their treatment of customers.

Apparently, according to ex waitresses who previously worked at Costes Group restaurants in Paris, unattractive diners are seated at the back whilst those who are blessed with good looks are seated at the front!

I don’t doubt that this goes on everywhere that pretentiousness counts – if you’ve got money, fame or great beauty you’ll get a different kind of treatment to the rest of us.

I was talking to one of my neighbours about it in my little French rural village, known locally as “Tante Marie” (Aunt Marie) on account of the fact that she’s been around so long she pretty much knows everyone and remembers all the kids being born. At 85 years old she is a font of wisdom and good sense – well at least she is most of the time; sometimes she comes out with some very odd things like telling me that treading in dog poo with my left foot is good luck or some such nonsense.

We both agreed, good looks are a bonus and those that have them tend to be treated more favourably in almost all walks of life. From attractive politicians to attractive shoppers – somehow they are able to cause admiration in those that look upon them and to get better treatment. It is, as my neighbour says, human nature. She told me that beauty makes people foolish and blinds others to their faults. We had a very stimulating, meaningful conversation about what is beautiful and what is ugly.

My neighbour who is very well read also quoted a line from French playwright Voltaire: “Beauty pleases the eyes only; sweetness of disposition charms the soul”.

I was sitting there, sipping a glass of red wine, putting the world to rights with this wonderfully sage and astute old lady who had experienced so much of life. I was thinking to myself how wise and how sweet she is and then she said “it’s a good job they don’t apply that ugly diners to the back rule in our local café – the front seats would be permanently empty”.

A bientôt

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