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Utilities in France

 Utilities in France

The majority of France’s electricity is generated by nuclear power; how you use it might be considerably different in France from your home country. You, the consumer, choose the amount of kilowatts you want to have available daily in your home and pay the appropriate tariff – the more kilowatts the higher the cost plus the cost of usage.

You need to bear in mind that rural communities may suffer from power cuts from time to time as storms can bring down trees – which fall on the overhead cable that are strung across the country.

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Gas supplies are laid on in cities and towns but in rural areas it is still common to buy gas in bottles; more on Gas in France

Water costs will vary from department to department and will be lower if you don’t have access to mains sewage. Many rural areas are still dependent on the fosse septique system of waste (septic tank) although there is a real push to upgrade ongoing across France.

Find out more about fosse septiques and the stringent regulations for installing and maintain them.

La Poste is France’s state post office service – their post boxes are easily recognisable post boxes thanks to their distinct bright yellow colour and there are post offices in most towns. Find out what they offer with our helpful guides.

Heating is very important for your home – especially if you live in a rural or isolated area.  That wood fire that  seems romantic and welcoming in the summer or when you’re visiting for weekends and holidays isn’t quite such fun when you have to live with chopping wood and keeping the fire fed. Many expats find that the cost of oil or gas heating is quite expensive in France and may use a combination of central heating and wood fire heating. If you are able to insulate your home better at the renovation or restoration stage it will pay huge dividends in terms of cost and energy savings.

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