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Vintage Car Event Paris July 2016


The Association “Vincennes en Anciennes” will undertake  its 9th summer vintage car “Paris Crossing” on Sunday 31 July 2016 and if you’re in Paris, this convoy of old vehicles will have you staring and smiling as they pass by looking great even after all these years…

The event will welcome over 740 vintage vehicles (cars, motorcycles, tractors, buses and bicycles). The most recent of these vehicles date from 1987. Each year, over 100 brands and 200 models are represented. For 2016, Vincennes en Anciennes has chosen the theme of “going on holiday”. The summer holidays have followed the evolution of society and school timetables. In the early nineteenth century, the noble or bourgeois families left for their residences in the country or seaside. With the arrival of the Front Populaire in 1936, holidays become more democratic, with all employees being entitled to 15 days of paid leave. On the train, special rates and “the popular ticket of annual leave” enabled low-income families to travel cheaply. It was at this time that camping developed. Cycling trips were also highly popular.


The postwar boom years saw a huge upsurge in popularity for going on holiday by car: 2CV, 4CV, Dauphine, AMI 6… popular cars were often overloaded with suitcases, fishing rods and all the equipment needed by holidaymakers. In 1968 the Mehari appeared, a leisure and beach car par excellence,  designed for the outdoors. In the 1950-1960s, the most mythical “holiday road” was undoubtedly the National 7. Immortalized by singer Charles Trenet, it linked Paris to Menton and was the longest national highway in France at 996 km. Today, the French go on leave for less time but more often.

This celebration of the French holiday by vintage car drivers “is a real attraction for the public and a great rallying for all lovers of old machines.” says Jacques d’Andréa, President of Vincennes en Anciennes.


The vehicles will depart from the Esplanade of the Château de Vincennes and arrive at the Terrace of the Meudon Observatory. They will parade in the capital along the most beautiful avenues. The crews will be wearing white or period clothing as they undertake their festive journey.

Lunch on the grass

The lush greenery of the Terrace of the Meudon Observatory, which offers a superb view of the capital and the west of Paris, will welcome the cars. There, the vintage car owners and visitors will gather for a giant picnic in (bring your own). It is ideal for photographing the cars or discussing history or mechanics with the participants. (Details for access to Meudon from Paris)

Vincennes en Anciennes” is the leading multi-brand French association of vintage cars. Founded in 1998, the association has more than 1,200 members, men and women; this represents a pool of 3,000 cars. The administrators are also active members of brandspecific clubs. On the first Sunday of each month, the Association meet on the esplanade of the Château de Vincennes. Extremely dynamic, the association participates in many events or parades: heritage days, the Téléthon, vintage car shows (Automédon, Rétromobile, Reims…).

Practical information – Sunday 31 July 2016

Departure of the cars starting 07:30 a.m., from the Esplanade du Château de Vincennes. Arrival from 12:00 at the terrace of the Meudon Observatory. Departure from Meudon around 16:00. Recommended to wear white clothing or period costumes. More details: www.vincennesenanciennes.com

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