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Visit gardens in France with Rendez-Vous Aux Jardins weekend

Visit gardens in France: private and public gardens all over France open for a weekend – on the first weekend of each June the “Rendez-vous aux jardins” takes place. More than 2000 gardens participate in all regions across France, several hundred of which will only open for this one weekend and hundreds of new gardens sign up every year for this gardening event which has been going for over ten years.

Since 2002, the French Ministry for Culture and Communications has been organising ‘Rendez-Vous aux Jardins’ alongside the Parks and Gardens of France committee, the Old French Homes association – La Demeure Historique – and France’s Centre for National Monuments. Always taking place during the first weekend of June, around 2,200 parks and gardens will open their doors for three consecutive days to the public with events, conferences and workshops for the whole family

Each year Rendez-vous aux jardins sets a theme for the gardeners, such as “The Garden and Images” – it could be through paintings, photographs, video or sculpture.  Gardeners are encouraged to host events for the weekend and some of the public gardens will put on concerts. Many gardeners both private and public will put on exhibitions, guided tours, workshops and demonstrations plus talks on plant and garden care and events for children.

The gardens are open to schools only on Friday and the general public on Saturday and Sunday. Garden lovers can check out who is participating in this initiative on the Rendez-vous aux jardins website.

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