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Almost overnight the cold weather arrived last weekend in France. A friend in Paris emailed to say snow had fallen on Sunday, just a little bit, but it was certainly snow. Throughout the week friends from Lyon, Limousin and all over France reported small snow flurries – but nothing major (yet).

In the trees where I live in the Seven Valleys, Pas de Calais, the mistletoe is bright green against the bare branches and the swinging Santas that the French love so much are popping up in profusion. Peering into windows, hanging from gutters, chimneys, garden swings and statues, the red coated grinning plastic Santas are everywhere.

France has lots of its own traditions when it comes to this time of the year and it is great fun for me as a non-Frenchie to get to know them. One custom from olden days was for children to place their clogs (called sabots) outside the front door for Father Christmas to leave presents. No one really wears clogs very much these days but the tradition lingers in the form of chocolate clogs filled with candy and in some areas children place their shoes in front of the fire and in the morning, they are filled with bonbons and little gifts!

On Facebook I’ve been sharing some of my favourite photos of France in our 2014 Advent Calendar, lots of you have asked if its okay to share them  – absolutely yes, let’s all sprinkle a little bit of beauty and good will.

We love to see your photos too and here is news of our photo contest – winter in France, we’ll send a copy of a gorgeous book of pictures of France from artist Perry Taylor to the winner.

Wishing you all a very bon weekend and a huge welcome to all our new subscribers,
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