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Bonjour from France!

We’ve had such good weather where I am that it’s been possible to crack on with the renovation at quite a pace. It’s looking like half building site and half lovely rustic French farmhouse in the front now. After 14 years of dreaming of blue shutters, roses and a pretty gate I’m starting to see the dream come true. I’ll pop some pics on Instagram if you want to see it!

My family has expanded today – 10 seriously cute fluffy yellow and black little chicken chicks are now merrily running around in the garden. In honour of the royal wedding I’ve called them Liz, Kate, Meghan, Camilla, Anne, Zara, Victoria, Margaret, Diana and Queenie. We’re building a regal coop for them at the bottom of the garden called Peckingham Palace.

Fat Cat is fascinated by them and has been staring intently into their cage. As far as I can tell she wants to be friends, unlike most cats she doesn’t mind birds at all. She often lays on her back on a bench in the garden with black birds and robins landing next to her and she takes no notice whatsoever. I wonder sometimes if she has deep thoughts about the meaning of life and whether she is actually a cat since she doesn’t do very catty things and she doesn’t mix with the other cats at all, she just mainly follows me around, eats, or lies on her back staring into space.

There is no need to contemplate the meaning of life for me – my role is to be maid and butler to the dogs, cats, ducks, geese and chickens and to paint the shutters!

Wishing you a very bon weekend,
Bisous from France,

ps Photo is of lovely Tourtour off the beaten track in Provence – wouldn’t you just love to be there, watching the world go by and day dreaming…

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