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What paperwork is needed for moving belongings from UK to France

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Post Brexit, moving to France from the UK requires a little more paperwork on several fronts. You’ll need a visa to stay longer than 90 days out of 180 days (on a rolling basis). Once you have this, if you’re intending to stay permanently, you’ll need to apply for a Carte de Sejour, a residency permit, to stay. Then you’ll need to apply for your Carte Vitale for health care, tax status etc.

When it comes to moving your belongings to France there’s extra paperwork there too.

We asked the experts at exactly what’s required…

Moving belongings from UK to permanent home in France

In order to be exempt from charges on importing goods to your new home, you must transport goods within 12 months of your change of residence.

  • Proof you’ve lived in the UK for more than 12 months prior to relocating to France is essential. ClickMoves say they request a UK Council tax bill.
  • You’ll need to complete a French customs form stating the France will be your residence primaire.
  • Proof of residence in France is required: an attestation de domicile is best say ClickMoves. They have also used lease agreements or proof of purchase for a property. If you’re moving in with friends or family temporarily you will need an attestation d’herbergement, a letter confirming the details, from the friend/family member.
  • Signed certficat de non-session
  • A simple inventory showing second-hand values for the goods being imported. ClickMoves will prepare the inventory if you use their full removal service which includes a packing service. They recommend you create a simple spreadsheet showing items by box, clear description, e.g. bedding and sheets, cooking books, pc equipment, and show the second-hand value in euros. And you’re not allowed to sell any items that you’ve imported duty-free for the first 12 months of your stay in France.

Banned and restricted items

There are some items you’re not allowed to transport to France – weapons for instance, but also some breeds of dog, including Pitbull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

And some items are restricted which includes food, flowers and plants. For those who can’t bear to leave a beloved plant behind, there are steps you may be able to take to get round it, but it will be expensive as you’ll need to employ experts to sign off on the plant’s health status etc.

If you’re moving belongings to a second home in France

If you are moving belongings to a second residence in France (i.e., where you spend less than 180 days in the year), you are potentially liable for import tax and duties on goods over the value of Euros 430. Check with your mover on this one to see how they can help minimise costs. You’ll need a detailed inventory as for bringing belongings for a permanent home (above).

ClickMoves say that they rarely have issues as they do so many moves to France from the UK and they know exactly what is required. They advise that some of their clients have sent building products to France from the UK and clearly these cannot be classified as household goods or personal effects, and there is tax, duty and TVA liable on these goods.

So, if you’re moving belongings from UK to France, get the paperwork right for a stress free move…

You’ll find details on the French customs site:

Find out more about who offer a service to take care of everything for you

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