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What’s new in France Summer 2022

Diver looks at a statue at Cannes Underwater Museum

Take a look at what’s new and what’s great in France for Summer 2022 – from an underwater museum to a brand new champagne exhibition centre. Brilliant events that showcase the extraordinarily rich culture of France include marathon races in which wine is served, world class musical performances and a whole lot more…

Dive into a new underwater eco-museum, Cannes

The first underwater eco-museum in France has opened in Cannes, off the island of Sainte Marguerite. British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor has created six statues made of an ecological material to raise public awareness and promote the return of underwater flora and fauna to this now protected space where boat mooring is prohibited. To enjoy a mask and snorkel are all you need. cannes-destination.com

Pressoria, Champagne

Pressoria is a new visitor centre dedicated to understanding the production process, history and culture of champagne. Housed in the former Pommery press in Aÿ near Epernay it offers multi-sensory exhibitions as well as a tasting area with a view of the vineyard listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. pressoria.com

Chartres-en-lumière, Chartres lights up!

Until 14 January 2023, the town of Chartres in the Centre-Val de Loire region, will light up for the largest heritage highlighting operation in the world. The glorious Gothic Cathedral of Chartres, the bridges and washhouses on the banks of the River Eure, the Montescot mansion, church, theatre and museums – more than 20 monuments are included in this free and fabulous programme. Chartres-en-lumière takes place every night from dusk to 1am until October 31, then from dusk to 10.30 pm until 14 January. chartresenlumieres.com

Aix-en-Provence Festival

The Aix-en-Provence Festival, one of the most famous classical music and opera festivals in France, takes place each year in July. It attracts major European orchestras and top conductors. festival-aix.com

Cité du Vitrail – Stained glass museum, Troyes

Troyes in the Champagne region has been known for centuries as the stained glass capital of Europe. The city is also famous for its medieval quarter with beautiful half-timbered houses and Gothic churches and striking windows. 2022 sees the opening of a new museum dedicated to stained glass. The Cité du Vitrail will be housed in the magnificently restored 18th Century Hôtel-Dieu-le-Comte. There is more than 32,000 square feet to showcase stained glass works dating from the 12th to 21st centuries. Cite-vitrail.aube.fr

Castle of Villers-Cotterêts in Picardy, to reopen to the public

Abandoned for decades, the only Renaissance castle, built by French King Francis 1 in the Picardy Region of Northern France, Château Villers-Cotterets, will reopen to the public in 2022. The castle, where Francis 1 signed an Ordinance in 1539 which the French language was to be used in all administrative and judicial areas of work and not Latin which had been used for centuries. This link with the French language has endured over the centuries. The great medieval writer François Rabelais stayed at the castle. Molière presented Tartuffe there. And Alexandre Dumas was born in Villers-Cotterêts. Cite-langue-francaise.fr

Les Chorégies d’Orange, Provence

Les Chorégies d’Orange, world famous opera festival, is staged in the exceptional location of the UNESCO listed 1st century AD Roman amphitheatre at Orange. The Chorégies d’Orange takes place each August with a program of operas, ballets and recitals, is the oldest French festival and the world’s oldest opera festival, dating back to 1869. choregies.fr

Marathon du Médoc, Bordeaux: September 10, 2022

The Medoc Marathon is a festive and eye-popping event held every year on the second Saturday of September. The run takes place through the vineyards of Bordeaux’s Médoc area and features wine and fine food stops! If you don’t get on the running list for this year – add it to your must-do for next year or cheer on from the vineyards… marathondumedoc.com

American Film Festival, September 2022

The American Film Festival highlights the diversity of American cinema, from major Hollywood productions to independent films. It is the only European festival of this scale to open its doors to the public. Each year more than a hundred films are presented and attended by major American actors and stars. festival-deauville.com


Rouen-Armada of Tall Ships: June 8 -18, 2023

The largest sailing ships in the world will gather in the port of Rouen in Normandy, in June 2023, joined by warships and barges and nearly 8,000 sailors. Enjoy free entertainment, access to the ships and demonstrations, plus concerts and fireworks. This major event takes place roughly every 4 years – and it is unmissable. armada.org

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