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What’s the Best Way to Learn French Online?

With a wealth of online resources and tools, there has never been a better time to learn French online. Studying French through websites and apps allows you to study little-and-often, wherever you are.

Spaced repetition (SRS) software

SRS flashcards are a great way to learn and reinforce vocabulary. You’ll be tested more on words you remember less.
Tip: organise your words into groups to lighten the load!

Switch your email and phone to French system language!

Feeling brave? not switch your email and phone settings to French? As these are platforms that you’re already familiar with, you’ll get exposure to new vocabulary without feeling overwhelmed.

Meet a French language partner online

Studying with language exchange partners is a great way to practice your French language skills and make new friends in the process. There are loads of online platforms to help you find someone suitable. Just remember to take steps to stay safe online!

Get an online tutor

Study with the help of a teacher without needing to leave your home. This is a great option if you don’t get so much exposure to French language in your daily life.

Watch French TV and films online

You can use free tools such as YouTube or TV5MondePlus which is like French Netflix but free (download the app here: TV5MondePlus), or subscription service such as Netflix to learn French. This is a great way to expose yourself to accents from across the French-speaking world!

Listen to French podcasts on streaming platforms

A great option if you’re on the go! Study French as you travel, exercise, or relax through podcasts!

Try a learning French browser extension

Hover over words on websites for immediate translation for an easy win!

Use an online dictionary tool

Put your words and texts into an online dictionary tool to help decipher the meaning. Even better, find one that links to your SRS flashcards to build the new words into your daily study routine!

Learn to sing French songs!

Learning songs is a great way to learn vocabulary in context and have fun when learning French. Get those endorphins flowing with a French karaoke session!

Have a listen to our “How to speak French” podcast episode to learn the three most important words in French!

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