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Who’s the Daddy? Goodbye to Jocko the industrious bull

French-cowJocko, a French Holstein bull who was famous amongst breeders of live stock died in 2012 leaving several hundred thousand children.

The bull was 27 years old and in his long and illustrious career in North West France siring dairy cattle he was a star. He is said to have provided some 1.7 million doses of sperm – some for use in his home country, some for export to as many as 60 countries. Impossible to gauge just how many cows he sired it could be as many as 400,000 world wide – official records show 161,888 confirmed cows in 21 countries but this doesn’t include all bullocks as they are not often counted and some countries don’t keep records.

His fame is such that instead of being turned into food for others, he was taken to the natural history museum of Paris to be studied.

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