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Wild, wet and windy France

Eiffel Tower and roof tops of Paris on a rainy day


I hope you had a good week.

Here, for the second week running, we had power cuts due to stormy weather. One lasted all day long so there was nothing for it but to light the candles and the fire and read (thank goodness for Kindles!) surrounded by cats and dogs. Fat Cat was happy about it more than anyone, he laid in front of the fire, stretched out, keeping an eye on me and patting my feet every now and again (you can see him here on Instagram!). This weekend we’re on alert for another storm and more power cuts so if I’m a bit quiet on Facebook and Twitter – you’ll know why!

Meanwhile the Bread Man has gone on holiday for a week. In order to avert disaster, Jean-Claude has been going to the boulangerie in the village to collect bread for locals who are too old to drive. If you’re ever in France, and you’re stuck behind a car going at 15mph, and when you overtake see that the driver, squinting away over the top of a steering wheel, looks about 100 years old, you might ask, what is too old to drive in France?! The answer is there’s no such thing. In France your driving licence expires when you do. However, many elderly folks in my village choose not to drive and as it’s a very community-minded place, and mobile shops come to us every week, it’s not an issue.

We passed Jean-Claude on Wednesday while we were taking the dogs for a blustery walk and he asked if we wanted him to get our bread. I wonder if this means we are now officially considered old! For most of this week the wind has been whooshing through the valley and howling dramatically around the house. The chickens hate it and hide in the coop, however Ronnie and Reggie the Kray twin cockerels have been running around flapping their wing, showing off and trying to nick the ladies from Roger Moore with their dare devil antics. Perhaps they knew it was Valentine’s Day!

Wherever you are, I wish you a bon weekend and Happy Valentine’s Day for yesterday!

Bisous from blustery France,

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