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Win a copy of Eight Months in Provence by Diane Covington-Carter

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Win a copy of this book that’s written from the heart, a charming tale that’s easy to read. An inspiring “it’s never too late”, feel good memoir that will sweep you along on the author’s journey as she finds herself in the France of her dreams.

For thirty years, Diane Covington-Carter dreamed of living in France and immersing herself in the country and language that spoke to her heart and soul. At age fifty, she set off to fulfill that yearning.

Journey along with her as she discovers missing pieces of her own personal puzzle that could only emerge in French, in France. And the deep reservoirs of courage and strength that have come with living a half-century.

Diane learns that it is never too late to fulfill a long cherished dream and that, with the gifts of wisdom and maturity, that dream can become even more powerful from the waiting. Read our review of Eight Months in Provence

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