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bon weekend france

Bonjour  to you all and a great big bienvenue to our new subscribers – it’s great to meet you.

This week in France the evenings have been noticeably cooler and it really feels as though autumn is just around the corner. I’m told that meteorologists view seasons specifically in terms of 3 months so autumn technically begins in France on 1st September. It still feels like summer in the day though with plenty of sunshine so for those looking for a last minute break in France – it’s a great time to visit.

If you’re a flea market fan there is still plenty of action until the end of September and into October. If you are in France and want to locate a flea market close by, check out our top tips to help you enjoy a cultural experience that is a national past time in France and perhaps bag a bargain, and perhaps a bit of early Christmas shopping!

I will be at the biggest flea market of them all this weekend – the Lille Braderie. Starting at 14.00 on Saturday 6th September it runs non-stop through the night until 23.00 on Sunday 7th September (2014). I’ll tell you how it went next week!

In the meantime I wish you all a very bon weekend

Top Features this week:

The secret French chateau: A centuries old living artwork where the living is good and where you can rent a room or the whole fairy-tale chateau for a relaxing weekend à deux, or a wedding reception, concert or party for 500…

The house that Jean Cocteau painted: When the legendary Jean Cocteau went to the French Riviera he stayed with a friend and the week he was supposed to be there turned into months.  During his sojourn he painted on the walls, the doors and even the furniture as Margo Lestz reports…

Bread in France isn’t just about the taste: It’s a cultural experience; when you enter the boulangerie and smell the fresh baked bread and hear the crust gently cracking as it comes from the wood oven, you know it’s a deeper experience…

Horse riding in Normandy: Places to go horse riding, horse mad towns and where to find accommodation for you and your horse…

Major Events in France for September: We take a look at what’s on in September and if you’re in France this month you’re certainly going to be spoiled for choice…

An unexpected French birthday present: It was my birthday this week and my present arrived on my doorstep, a bedraggled, very unwell and hungry little kitten…

5 Things I love about France and 5 things I don’t love so much: Just for fun – what I love and what I don’t love so much, if you’re an expat driver in France you might agree?!


The House at Zaronza has been won by Chetan Doina of Bucharest.

2 other prizes have not been claimed – please contact me by 13 September or they’ll have to go back in the pot! Christina Landgraf Rising and Keith Bass (Florida)

Mad about Macarons has been won by Janet Horner… now lots of you will be disappointed so, we’ve organised for more copies to give away – watch this space!

Congratulations to the winners – I’d be glad if you would either private message me on Facebook or via the contact form on the website so I can arrange to send your prizes to you.

Commiserations to everyone else – the good news is that we have more great prizes coming up…

Thank you so much for sharing our articles on the website, we really appreciate it so much so that there are handy buttons at the bottom of every one of them! You can find us on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest too…

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