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Castle made of oranges and lemons

This week I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the amount of absolutely stunning photographs we’ve been sent for our French Photo Competition. I work with professional photographers a lot of the time and I have to say – some of you who have sent photos in can give the pros a run for their money.

I’ve given up trying to judge the photographs myself – it’s way too hard as they really are just too fabulous. So it’s over to you and all our friends on Facebook – if there’s a photo entry you think should win – don’t forget to “like” it on Facebook – the one with the most likes wins! We’ll be posting lots of photos every day until the end of next week and then we’ll announce the winner.

With best wishes to you all and a very bon weekend!

Editor – Rédacteur en Chef

Top Features this week:

1. Truffle markets in France – Evelyn Jackson wonders why all the kerfuffle about a truffle and finds a mysterious world of bells, ropes and whispered deals when it comes to one of the most expensive foods in the world…
2. What recipe calls for 145,000 kgs of lemons and oranges? Margo Lestz looks at the biggest fruit cocktail in the world! The Menton Lemon Festival heralds the start of spring on the French Riviera in colourful style…
3. Sedan in the Ardennes is home to the biggest castle in Europe – 35,000 m² of Chateau – simply amazing…

Don’t miss

1. The Fromage fancies of Dita Von Cheese! Cheese tastes so much better when the French barman in the local café tells you the history of what you’re eating…
2. The Bay of Angels in Nice – famous for its glamorous good looks but how on earth did a bay get a name like that? Margo Lestz looks at the strange legends of the Baie des Anges…
3. Life in a medieval village – expat Fiona Alderman talks about why she loves living in her 800 year old house in the Perigord Noir region with it’s communal washing houses that are still being used today…
4. Did you know that right up until 6000BC scientists think that you could walk from France to the UK at certain times of the year? Now of course the two countries are connected by the world’s longest underwater tunnel – an idea that was bandied about in Napoleon’s time!
5. It’s a very strange thing when you turn on the telly and see where you live on the news! It’s not because I’ve become an overnight star by the way – it’s because of a very odd story that’s just hitting the international news stations about a gang of hydrangea flower thieves operating in the very rural part of France where I live!

Practical Guides

1. What does our expert Peter Lavelle think the Euro and the Pound are going to do this month? Find out in our February 2014 currency forecast report.
2. Electrician in France Paul Wilkinson explains the requirements of an electrical diagnostic report and when you’ll need it in France.
3. In France and fancy a bit of British comfort food? Get it delivered says Carly at the Great British Food Shop!

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