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You can get married in Nice – if you’re nice and quiet!

The beautiful town of Nice is a wedding hotspot and in the summer months the Town Hall plays host to multiple weddings with as many as thirty taking place on a Saturday at peak times.

The Mayor of Nice however decided that at such a solemn occasion as a wedding it’s totally inappropriate for the amount of noise and mayhem that has lately been a feature of the Bride and Groom’s big day. He cited “anarchic parking” in the town, “ruckus on the streets”, “dancing in the streets” and the “casual attitude of some brides and guests” as being unacceptable for residents of Nice. As a result the Mayor decided to take tough action and curtail such heinous activities for the good of all. The Nice Mairie (Town Hall) website issued instructions for prospective couples and their guests.

“From 1 June 2012, the Charter of Marriage must be respected on pain of punishment” which includes a requirement for the bride and gloom to maintain calm and solemnity at the Town Hall.  The use of whistles, shouting in the street, waving of banners and flags (particularly foreign) is banned as is bringing an orchestra with you! Failure to meet these new rules may result in officials of Nice Town Hall cancelling the wedding”.

Anyone wishing to get married in Nice may need to sign an agreement to comply with the rules – or find another venue.

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