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Hope you had a great week!

Last week I wrote saying that I’d had a few issues with my website because it has so many visitors which is just brilliant, but it made it fall over! After several hours of stress and phone calls to the company that hosts my website, I was told “it’s all sorted”. And, it looked like it was, felt like it was. But, it wasn’t. So, despite working through the night with the normally brilliant Hostgator company, when I sent the magazine out to you at the weekend thinking all was well, zut alors, there was a glitch. Everything worked except the give away pages – and as there are some really fantastic prizes up for grabs, a magnifique 16 of them in total, I tried to fix it real quick. But just when I thought, it can’t get worse, well, we had a huge storm which caused a major power cut, so, the fix was delayed even longer.

So, now, here is The Good Life France Winter Magazine – with the contests working, completely free to read, download (arrow button to the left when you open the link) and to subscribe to, always.

Fabulous features, stunning photographs, recipes, inspiring expat stories and a whole lot more – plus those give aways I mentioned. They’re such fantastic prizes I’d hate you to miss out, so please enjoy this issue and I hope you win something wonderful. And, if you enjoy the magazine, please share it on…

I’m writing this with a cat sitting on my lap trying to catch my fingers as I type. It’s Enry Cooper who is the boss of cats in the village. It’s quite rare for him to be in the house as he likes to patrol his area and meet people. His favourite person is the post lady.  Every day she drives from village to village in her little yellow van, peering through thick glasses at the addresses on bundles of letters and parcels. At this time of the year posties all over France knock on doors and sell calendars. Last year was my first time with the calendar promotion and I had no idea how much I should pay, when I asked she just said “as you wish”. I only had a 20 Euro note so I gave that to her, expecting some change (they are not the nicest calendars) and she skipped down the path and into her van and drove off giving me a big smile. My neighbour Jean-Claude laughed and told me most people give just a couple of euros. But, when the post lady knocked this week I gave her 20 euros again because last year my post arrived quicker than ever and if I wasn’t in to take a parcel, she came back next day rather than me have to go to a collection point. When I have to post one of those winning prizes off to you, I’ll be asking her the best way to send it!

Wishing you a bon weekend
Bisous from France

PS You may have got a September newsletter in your in box from me this week and I have no idea why. I guess when things go wrong, they like to really really go wrong once in a while!

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Photo: Boulogne-sur-Mer in the old town at night, close to where I live in France!

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