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A Very British Giant Teapot Tea Room in France


Pop into the Tea in the Teapot tea room in France for a cuppa you won’t forget thanks to the quirky, stylish surroundings, the delicious cream tea and typically traditional British tea taste!

When Tina Sharpe from England saw a shed on a  UK TV programme she thought what a beautiful tearoom it would make.

Not just any old shed this, it was a contender for the popular UK contest “Shed of the Year”. Not just any old tea room either because Tina simply couldn’t resist the teapot shaped shed – she bought it and shipped it to France where it’s become a landmark of Castelnau Magnoac in the Hautes-Pyrénées, delighting the locals and visitors alike.

What’s a nice teapot like you doing in the middle of France?


Tina and husband Phil Sharpe already run a successful storage business and France so setting up a new business meant they were aware of the administrative requirements. Tina recommends that a chat with the Mayor is always a good starting point, “Certainly our Mayor and his team have been really supportive of The Teapot and welcomed our unusual venture to Castelnau Magnoac. They joined us in celebrating the opening of the Teapot and have since been back to spend their “pause thé” with us!”

If I’d have known you were coming I’d have baked a cake

tearoom-in-franceThe Teapot has become well-known for its home-made cakes following the traditional English theme. Popular “regulars” include classic coffee & walnut, chocolate fudge, carrot cake, tea loaf and Victoria sponge.

Tina is a vintage china fan and the shelves of the Teapot which seats up to 30 people on two levels, are lined with beautiful cups and saucers and glass jars filled with all manner of biscuits, cookies and cakes. It’s THE place to go for afternoon tea and for expats in the area, there a real taste of home as the cream tea is served with Roddas clotted cream (The Teapot is the only supplier of Roddas in Southern France).

Though the French are known for their love of coffee, it seems the Teapot is winning a whole new legion of fans to tea drinking though Tina confesses the majority of French customers choose herbal tea over the very British Yorkshire Tea on offer. The British cakes attract a lot of curiosity and the mince pies were extremely popular at Christmas laughs British expat Becca Barnett who works at the Teapot, though she admits it wasn’t easy to explain what “mince meat “ is!

Not just a tea room

“Team Teapot” as they call themselves are making sure The Teapot really has a place in the community. They hold French lessons, knitting sessions and locals say this is a fantastic place for people to get together in a friendly, relaxed and social environment…

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