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Amazing Paris At Night Video


If you’ve always wondered what Paris looks like at night, or if you’ve been there and long to see it again – this lovely video by brilliant Paris photographer Wazim Tagaully reveals the city at night – in all its colourful glory.

The Eiffel Tower, Canal St Martin, the Moulin Rouge and Arc de Triomphe and all the great names – Wazim took almost 4000 photos to make this vibrant time lapse video. As a regular visitor to Paris, this is the city I know and love, it’s street lamps casting a mellow glow on passers-by, shops and restaurants lit up, the river reflecting lights like jewels.

Wazim took the photos over the course of 14 days in March 2015 and perfectly captures the feel of the city, eternally moving, changing from dusk to dark. As a painter captures the likeness of a visitor to Montmartre in the film so does Wazim capture Paris in a short video of less than 3 minutes. The main landmarks are here, glowing under the night lights of the city and at the end the Eiffel Tower glimmering, sparkling and throwing her light out – Paris at night, simply sublime.

Paris at night video:

Find more of Wazim’s photos on Instagram


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