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Best online shop for French & Provence tablecloths

A market stall in Avignon Provence draped with colourful tablecloths

The south of France is defined by its colour. Azure blue skies, the deep purple of lavender fields, olive orchards, bright yellow sunflowers and lemons. Ruby red poppy fields, the turquoise Mediterranean and wine dark grapes in the vineyards.

Everywhere you go, the colours of Provence and southern France are captured in a keepsake – the famous gaily coloured, sun-drenched tablecloths. They decorate cafés and homes everywhere in France. You’ll find them piled high at markets, luring you into specialist shops in the south of France. They make for a fabulous souvenir, bringing a bit of that famous sunshine and je ne sais quoi into your home.

Now you don’t have to go all the way to the south of France to get your fix. French Shopping’s online shop has a fabulous selection of traditional, authentic Provencal tablecloths. You can have them delivered at home – wherever you are.

People have loved French tablecloths for centuries

Storage shelves full of folded tablecloths in bright colours

In the 17th century the port of Marseille was a hub for all sorts of exotic imports – including vivid textiles from India. A huge fashion hit, everyone wanted the brightly coloured cloth. Especially the aristocracy. At the court of Louis XIV, “Les Indiennes” as the material was known, was all the rage. In fact it was so popular that for a while it was banned in France as traditional cloth manufacturers complained bitterly. But the French appetite for the bright textiles never left. And, when the ban was lifted in 1793 it became a hit all over again. Although many people used the material to create clothes, in Provence the cloth was popular for tablecloths too as it was easy to wash and maintain. And it’s been that way ever since.

Provence tablecloths for your home

Round tables in a garden with bright tablecloths and set for breakfast with croissants and juice

A brightly coloured French tablecloth brings a little bit of Provence into the room, wherever you are. They’re just as practical as they were when people fell in love with the cloth in the 1600s. Now, as then, it’s easy to clean, hard wearing and downright gorgeous.

At family run online business French Shopping you’ll discover their great range of Provencal tablecloths. It includes the ever popular Lavender Collection, reminiscent of the wonderful fields of scented purple flowers and the Cicadas Collection in uplifting blues and yellows. There’s also the Provence, Rose Garland, Olives, Lemon and Alpine Collection (perfect for Christmas tables). They come in a range of sizes and styles, round, oblong and square, plus napkins to match.

Tables covered with French tablecloths, wine and olives, tea and cake

Everything is 100% made in France and the online shop ships globally. What would you choose?

These lovely French tablecloths also make great gifts for friends and family – especially at Christmas!

Spread a ray of southern France sunshine over your table and enjoy a little art de vivre!

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