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Bon weekend from France | Chateaux, Dordogne & gluten free France

Pointy towers of the Chateau de Chambord, Champagne bottle shaped they reach for the sky


Hope you had a great week.

Here it feels like autumn is well on the way, there’s a chill in the air in the morning and at night, and the leaves are starting to turn golden in the trees. On my walk with the dogs this morning the signs for fall were clear, the wild blackberries growing in the hedges were big and juicy, the summer birds have departed and the hay has all been cut and fields ploughed.

This morning the sky was flamingo pink as the sun came up and I let the baby chickens out of their overnight nursery coops. They’re almost all out and about now, just four more babies to see through the transition stage from full time mum to independence. I think. That may not be the case though because we found out where Barbie the chicken and the escapees-who-refuse-to-stay-in-the-pen have been laying eggs. We have a small kennel that stray cats use when its chilly at night. It’s got cushions and blankets in. And now it has Kim Kardashian in it too. She’s nesting on about 20 eggs. Gulp. We call her that as she is a bit of a diva and likes to strut her stuff.

A massive thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday this week on Facebook – I only wish I could have shared the cakes in that photo with you. Rest assured, I did you proud! And 6 September was also the birthday of the Loire Valley’s renaissance star, the glorious Chateau de Chambord, 500 years old, and hardly aged a day (you can read about it below).

Wishing you a very bon weekend,
Bisous from France

Top Photo: Happy birthday to the Chateau de Chambord, Loire Valley Photo: Ann Lichti.

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